"The emperor is naked" Challenges and answers for a fairer society

(Podeu llegir l’article publicat a l’última edició de la revista “Queries” de la FEPS (Fundació Europea d’Estudis Progressistes)

“The emperor is naked” Challenges and answers for a fairer society

Political forces both within and outside the EU are going through an unprecedented period of time that is completely transforming the world as we know it and politics itself, as a tool to face social needs and requests.

Maria Badia

In recent years, serious economic and financial instability has disclosed institutional and political weaknesses, brought new priorities up into the agenda and speeded up deep social transformations. Indeed, there are great unavoidable challenges to be faced such as setting solid mechanisms for a true economic governance or establishing new tools of political communication and engagement. European progressive family should be ready to regain its courage and its most profound convictions to reach out to citizens, rallying social support and give new innovative answers.


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