Dear Eluned,

I received your warm letter some weeks ago. I have taken it with me since then, looking for a suitable moment to answer it.

I understand and I share each one of your words, ideas, opinions and feelings that you are dropping in it, as a farewell to the European Parliament.

But I am a little sad. Not only because we will not meet again in the lift and have those short chats, or in the Group where you steadily defend your points of views. I am sad because I believe that your resign has a lot to do with the tremendous difficulty to balance work and family life.

One of the problems in our responsibilities is “almost the impossible task of getting the European message through”, in your own words.

But to get the message through, parliamentarians need to have a real life, not a virtual life. We need parliamentarians like you who know which are the problems of normal people, who look after their relatives, parents, sons, and so on.

Young women with a family, with sons and daughters, find everyday more difficult to balance both their private and professional lives. Sometimes I look around me and I see all these well prepared women that cannot permit themselves to have a baby or even to have a couple, just because of the big demands of their work. When it happens, I got faced to the reality, which shows me that much more still needs to be done to change our societies.

I am a woman from the “sixties”, a generation that fought hard to position us inside the society. We broke the laces from our parents and from our husbands or boyfriends to decide our own life, as free citizens in a world that was designed just for citizen’s men.

Your decision faces me to the reality: things have changed a lot but still not enough, and it is so much that needs to be done! There is no time for relaxe, the fight needs to be continued.

Dear Eluned, many thanks for your friendship, for you work, for your compromise with social justice and my best wishes for the future, wherever it can be.

Much love,

Maria Badia i Cutchet


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