En motiu de l'aniversari de Britta Thomsen

La setmana passada, vaig tenir l’oportunitat de dir unes paraules a l’aniversari de la meva col.lega Britta Thomsen, diputada danesa del Grup dels Socialistes i Demòcrates al Parlament Europeu (S&D), i m’agradaria compartir-les amb vosaltres.

Last week, I had the chance to say a few words on behalf of the Socialists & Democrats Group in the European Parliament at my colleague’s Britta Thomsen birthday, and I would like to share them with you:

Often, in communication, the right choice of adjectives makes the message clearer.

When I was thinking about how to talk about Britta, I tried to find the most suitable adjectives to describe the temperament of this woman, with whom I have had the fortune to share ideals, projects and friendship.

So, first of all,

She is a BRAVE woman, a brave politician.

She is the RARE kind person who combines supposed Nordic good qualities: hard work, seriousness,… with the ones considered as Mediterranean: empathy, openness,…

She is IDEALISTIC. She is fully committed with her ideals and she fights strongly for them.

She is TENACIOUS. She persists in her ideas till she makes them a reality.

She is AMAZING. She is the kind of person that receives her friends with a smile that is always contagious.


If you pay attention to the adjectives I have used to describe her, you will discover that each one of them starts with the letters of her name:

B, R, I, TT, A.

B, for BRAVE

R for RARE






Britta is a very well known member of our Group and she is very well appreciated for the qualities I have just mentioned.

Her work in committees such as Women’s Rights and Energy Policy has been recognized not just by the members of our group, but also by the European Parliament as a whole.

Today, in the European Parliament, we are at the end of our term, facing enormous challenges for the next 5 years in which Europe needs to be given clear answers to the multiple crises its citizens are suffering.

These challenges need people, politicians, with special qualities to successfully face the difficulties.

This is certainly not the time for conservatism

Not the time for Timidity

Not the time for Pragmatism, and only Pragmatism

Not the time for Laziness

Not the time to lose Faith.

It’s the time for BRITTAs

For Brave people

For Rare people

For Idealistic people

For Tenacious people

For Amazing people


Britta, Britta Thomsen,

Thank you so much for your work, for your commitment to your ideals, and, of course, for your friendship.

My best wishes for the future and a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Copenhaguen, January 23rd 2014

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